视频无法播放-请下载腾讯视频或者爱奇艺视频 把教程文件拖进去就可以观看




开启第四步:输入完卡密点击Activate按钮-提示一个框为Activation Successful! 意思是充值成功

开启第五步:关闭辅助-重新运行辅助-左边选择CSGO,然后右边选择第一个Run-等待辅助消失-会弹出一个黑色的框-不要关闭也不要动 直接开启加速器运行CSGO
会自动弹出辅助-如果等30秒没弹出辅助 切出屏幕 选择那个黑色的框 按一下回车即可呼出辅助 ,辅助按insert呼出和隐藏



Please see the tutorial on how to recharge and log in
Video can’t be played – please download Tencent video or iqiyi video and drag the tutorial file in to watch it
Open the first step: close all antivirus software
Open the second step: administrator run assistant
Open the third step: input the card to the promo bar
Open step 4: after inputting the card number, click activate button – a box will be prompted, which means activation successful
Turn on the fifth step: turn off the auxiliary – re run the auxiliary – select csgo on the left, and then select the first run on the right – wait for the auxiliary to disappear – a black box will pop up – do not close or move the accelerator to run csgo directly
Will automatically pop up the auxiliary – if you wait for 30 seconds and the auxiliary cut-out screen does not pop up, select the black box, press enter to call out the auxiliary, and press insert to call out and hide
If you think it’s complicated, please watch the tutorial yourself – it’s very detailed